Centennial Stadium is the latest addition to Albany’s unique sporting and social landscape. The brand new venue is the home to the Royals and Albany football clubs but the venue itself is much more than a football club. Centennial Stadium offers a centralised hub for a variety of sporting and social events but also provides a space that is both functional and important to the Albany community and everyone in it.

The $27 million redevelopment of Centennial Park sees the Stadium as the sites beating heart where a family-friendly venue, offering a range of facilities for parents and their children can come and enjoy a variety of community events. The architecturally designed building boasts a range of features that has created something iconic but also compliments the stellar reputation of Albany as a major holiday destination but also one that is setting a national standard for a world class built environment.

Just as Centennial Oval will create lasting sporting moments Centennial Stadium Incorporated is confident that the venue will provide for the people of Albany and the Great Southern a site that will compliment and add value to the social calendar throughout the year. Whether they be wedding receptions, conferences, trade or tourist events Centennial Stadium is an important part of the sporting, social and economic fabric of Albany. We hope to see you down here some time.